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Note cards (with envelopes) can be purchased individually for
$1.25 each or in boxes of 8 for $10.

Postcards (with envelopes) can be purchased individually for 1.00 each 
or in boxes of 10 for $10.

Shipping charges are "per box". Porch pick-up has no shipping charges. 

When ordering more than "one" box of note cards or postcards,
please see below for directions.

When ordering multiple boxes, please look to the left for the
In this space, write the note card or postcard numbers and how many of each design you want, for a total of 8 note cards or 10 postcards
per box.

(notecards and postcards cannot be mixed in one box)

See example below:


Example if purchasing a box each of note cards and postcards:
Note Cards Box 1:
#2322 - 4
#2522 - 4

Box 2:

#0922 - 4
#1222 - 4
#0322 - 2

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